Primus Union Flag

Primus Union Edit

Hundreds of merchant guilds became united by a man named “Vakaven Kahharl” and it became the nation of Primus Union. Primus Union is the center of trade and crafting. This nation is the largest, and is still growing; it never seems to stop expanding.

However, since many guilds were united by one absolute authority, this nation's rule is strict and faithful. Primus Union fights for loyalty and honor on the battlefield so, they refuse to ambush or use vulgar tactics. To win, is to win with prowess alone.


Ganav Libero Flag

Ganav Libero Edit

Wanderers and travelers crowded into this city one by one and finally it became a huge union. Five elders in the city then came together and the nation Ganav Libero was born.

Many people in Ganav Libero farmed and hunted for a living and created what they needed with mysterious magic power.

Their lifestyle supports freedom and living creatively. On the battlefield they never fight in a certain manner or with typical maneuvers. They use innovative tactics and surprise their enemies in every battle and conquer with invincible minds and spirits.

Both factions have independant starting areas.

When creating the first character in a new account, you will be requested to select which faction to join. All subsequent characters in that account will automatically be assigned to that faction. The only way of creating characters in the other faction would be to create them in a second account.

Characters may only join guilds in the same faction they are in. You may not join a Primus Union guild if your character is in the Ganav Libero faction, or vice versa.